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Vacation Time’s True Cost to Your Company

Every business is all too aware of how paid vacation time represents a cost to the company in terms of lost productivity. But

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Do Longer Vacations Increase Productivity? It Depends…

Although most U.S. employers do offer paid vacation days, by law, they don’t have to offer any paid vacation days at all. More

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sabbatical leave

What Should Employers Know About Sabbatical Leave?

The idea of employees taking a sabbatical leave from work is one that can seem far-fetched, but it’s actually becoming a more common

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Are There Laws for Employee Vacation Time?

There are plenty of benefits to a company using an automated vacation tracker or leave tracker system. One of the biggest is that

How To Create and Implement an Unlimited PTO Policy

How To Create and Implement an Unlimited PTO Policy

In this series of articles, we’ve been talking all about unlimited PTO, also called unlimited vacation time or free time off. At this

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Time-off Round-up – Its time for some time off

The summer is here and vacation and time off is all the rage. What are your vacation plans? Is it time to finally

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