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vacation time

Vacation Time and the American Worker

The State of American Vacation Time Project: Time Off is an organization that looks at American workers and how they’re offered time off,

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accrued vacation time

What Employers Should Know About Accrued Vacation Time Payouts

Vacation Time in America When it comes to vacation time and more specifically, accrued vacation time, a lot of employees don’t use what’s

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leave tracker

Fairly Managing Time Off Requests and How A Leave Tracker Helps

When a business owner or manager hears that a key employee is planning to go on vacation, it can cause a sense of

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mandatory vacation

What Should Businesses Know About Mandatory Vacation?

The Unlimited Time Off Trend At CaptureLeave, since our focus is on vacation tracking and attendance management, we find ourselves checking out the

paid vacation

PTO vs. Vacation Time: How Do They Compare?

When a company is implementing a new leave tracker or attendance management system, they might also consider re-evaluating how they manage employee time

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How To Create and Implement an Unlimited PTO Policy

How To Create and Implement an Unlimited PTO Policy

In this series of articles, we’ve been talking all about unlimited PTO, also called unlimited vacation time or free time off. At this