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FMLA Tracking Software: What it Can and Cannot Do

When the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was passed back in 1993, it was hailed as an important step forward for the

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managing employees with chronic illness

Managing Employees with Chronic Illnesses

Whether you’re a business owner or a manager in a business, there are plenty of challenges that come with the job. Increasingly one

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Everything Employers Should Know about the FMLA

An Overview of FMLA FMLA is legislation that every employer should know in and out. FMLA stands for Family and Medical Leave Act.

fmla vacation tracking

FMLA Basics: Tracking, Managing Your Employees’ Leave Time Easy

The Family and Medical Leave Act, passed back in 1993, was an important milestone in then-president Bill Clinton’s first term. The idea was

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