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accrued vacation time

What Employers Should Know About Accrued Vacation Time Payouts

Vacation Time in America When it comes to vacation time and more specifically, accrued vacation time, a lot of employees don’t use what’s

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managing part-time employees

Managing Part-Time Employees

Here at CaptureLeave, we work with a lot of organizations that want a leave tracker or attendance management system to help them with

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paid vacation

PTO vs. Vacation Time: How Do They Compare?

When a company is implementing a new leave tracker or attendance management system, they might also consider re-evaluating how they manage employee time

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Managing Exempt Employees' Attendance

Managing Exempt Employees’ Attendance

When it comes to issues of attendance management or putting an attendance management system to use within a business, there are some overall

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Why Are Some Employers Offering Unlimited Vacation Time?

There’s no denying that the way businesses operate, especially regarding their employees, has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Employers are always

Paid time off and vacation tracking

What Should Employers Know About Paid Time Off?

What Is Paid Time Off? An increasing number of employers are changing how they manage employee time off. They’re going from a traditional