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Month: May 2018
leave tracker

Fairly Managing Time Off Requests and How A Leave Tracker Helps

When a business owner or manager hears that a key employee is planning to go on vacation, it can cause a sense of

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sabbatical leave

What Should Employers Know About Sabbatical Leave?

The idea of employees taking a sabbatical leave from work is one that can seem far-fetched, but it’s actually becoming a more common

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employee benefits

How To Create A Budget-Friendly Employee Benefits Package

The economy is seemingly strong right now, and unemployment is low. There is also a skills shortage, and all of these elements are

automated leave tracker

10 Benefits of An Automated Leave Tracker Every Business Needs

An automated leave tracker also called an attendance management system or vacation tracker is one of the most important tools every human resource

mandatory vacation

What Should Businesses Know About Mandatory Vacation?

The Unlimited Time Off Trend At CaptureLeave, since our focus is on vacation tracking and attendance management, we find ourselves checking out the