Better Leave Management Brings 3 Big Benefits

A surprising number of companies aren’t doing one of the simplest things they could do to boost productivity and their bottom line: Better leave management. I think more companies would take this step if they truly understood what they’re missing out on. This article explains the 3 big benefits companies can reap with better leave management provided by the right software or app.


  1. Boost HR Efficiency with Better Leave Management

You might fondly recall the days when your company was first getting started and you could manage leave time for your employees using a simple spreadsheet. But then your company grew. With more employees to manage, you might have created paper forms for them to fill out in order to request their time off. Your HR person or people would then enter the information into the spreadsheet in order to keep track of who was going to be off when. And then your company grew some more. But your HR people kept limping along with paper forms and spreadsheets. After all, nobody had the time to come up with a different way of doing it, and still worked even though it felt clunky and inefficient.

After this cycle repeats itself a number of times over the course of several years, it simply becomes nonsensical. This is even more true when your company has grown to the point that leadership needs to see reports about employee time off. Manually creating those reports by manipulating the spreadsheet data becomes yet another point of pain for your HR people. With so many critical tasks falling under their responsibility, the time spent manually managing, tracking and reporting on leave time becomes increasingly frustrating.

When your company takes the time to choose the right leave management software, much of the time-tracking burden is lifted. Your HR employees will breathe a sigh of relief and have significant amounts of their time freed up for much more important tasks. Leave management will also become much less susceptible to the human errors much more likely to occur when managed manually. When viewed from this perspective, can you really afford not to find and adopt a good leave management app? If it’s time for your company to step up to this task, check out my previous article, Leave Management System: What Does Your Company Need?

  1. Identifying and Resolving Problem Patterns for Better Productivity

A big benefit of using the right leave management system is that you’ll be generating data in a better format, allowing you to quickly identify patterns of absenteeism or leave request bottlenecks you can then address to prevent them from happening in the future. This will help your company run more smoothly. Fewer missed deadlines or derailed projects means increased company productivity. Smooth operation is one of the keys needed to unlock your business potential and achieve greater long-term sustained success.

  1. Better Leave Management for Legal Protection and Compliance

Ever notice how that one employee somehow manages to be sick almost every Friday? There are always a few employees here and there that try to game the system to get themselves a long weekend whenever possible. These kinds of leave abuses are much easier to identify and track with the right leave management software. If you need to fire an employee or take a disciplinary action because of those time off abuses, you’ll have the kind of detailed records you need at your fingertips rather than cobbling together a bunch of handwritten notes or spreadsheet printouts. With a few clicks you should be able to drill down into any given employee’s leave and absence record to compile a report that shows the issues quite clearly. This information can also help your company verify its compliance with any relevant federal, state or local labor laws and regulations. Easy, rapid access to the information you need about leave time and absences by employee, department, or company-wide is a must-have in the modern workplace of today.

Try CaptureLeave for Better Leave Management

CaptureLeave easily records, tracks, and documents all employee leave time with just a few clicks, which saves your company time and money. It’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud-based offering, which means you don’t need to download or install any software that has to then be maintained or upgraded. All you need is your favorite device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone), an Internet connection and web browser for 24/7/365 access. CaptureLeave was designed and built to be simple, flexible, efficient, comprehensive, easy to learn, and easy to use. Powerful reporting happens with just a few clicks at whatever level you need – company-wide, by groups or departments, and even down to the individual employee when required. This is how you gain actionable insights into your company’s unique leave and absence patterns. If you haven’t adopted the right tool yet for better leave management, do yourself a favor and sign up for a free trial to find out if it’s the right tool for you! After you’re free trial, you’ll enjoy very affordable monthly pricing – a small price to pay for its robust features.

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