CaptureLeave Redesign Introduces Innovative Attendance Management Features

CaptureLeave is newly redesigned software offering modern features for organizations to manage how their employees take time off.  

Software company, Telania, has announced the introduction of their redesigned CaptureLeave platform. The CaptureLeave redesign features new tools and functionalities for businesses across industries to manage the time employees take off in an organized way. The software features the ability to see leave trends through pie charts and graphs, to zero in on specific employees and days, and to simplify the management of complex processes such as employee accruals.

The redesigned CaptureLeave attendance management software includes options to filter days off based on the type of leave an employee took and options for managing groups or departments.

Both employers and administrators can access the system on a mobile device. Employees can request time off on-the-go, and view approvals or requests.

“As a business owner myself, I see how time-consuming it becomes to manage how and when employees are taking off,” said CaptureLeave founder Don Weobong. “You want things to be as easy as possible for your employees, but also to make sure your business is operating efficiently. When you’re trying to juggle all these different elements of attendance management, you’re not focusing on growing your business. That’s why I wanted to create this product.”

The newly redesigned software platform features automated accrual tracking so employers can create the rules. Everything else is automatically managed. Employee records are centralized within the modern, user-friendly dashboard, and the entire product is faster with more robust features.

“I think what we’ve been able to do with our redesign is speak to the needs of modern businesses – from regulatory issues, such as time off allowed under federal law, to being able to use your mobile device to request time off as an employee. Quite literally everything business and employees need is at their fingertips,” said Mr. Weobong. “Not only does it provide a level of organization not available using spreadsheets to manage time off, but it’s excellent for compliance and transparency as well.”

“Ultimately, I wanted this system to be rooted in the real complexities businesses face every day when it comes to managing employee attendance,” said Mr. Weobong. “At the same time, as well as eliminating the burdens on the businesses’ side, I also wanted something employees would be happy with, and I think that’s what we’ve been able to create here.”

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About Telania, LLC.

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